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Georgia Nelson

Eté 2013 résidence de Georgia Nelson à la N.A.C (Nieuwe Ateliers Charlois) dans le cadre d'un partenariat collectif R / N.A.C Foundation (Rotterdam).

After my Rotterdam, experience I wanted to go straight back. I felt as if I could live there. My stay in Rotterdam was so attractive at many different levels. The residency, at the south of the city in a residential area and is a 20-minute bus ride from the main station. It felt very familiar and had some resonance with southeast London where I am from. Pauline came to meet us (the first 5 days my sister Laura was with me, this was pre- arranged with Kamiel who said that family and kids were welcome!)) at the bus stop and walked back to the flat/studio space. I found in the flat my bags of materials that Kamiel had driven from Nantes on his last visit, I felt at home. The flat is on the first floor of a block. The flat is spacious and decked in wood. The shower looks a bit shoddy but is actually powerful and enjoyable. The kitchen is equipped and the prior resident Jean Bonichon had kindly left me some beer. Pauline pointed me in the direction of a supermarket. Beware that most supermarkets do not take Mas...

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